Fuel Injectors

Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 - Performance

Lubrizol® 9040 Zer0 Series - Keep Clean and Clean Up Capabilities

Fouled fuel injectors in the DW10 test procedure result in engine power loss. This translates to a loss of vehicle drivability, as well as increases in regulated emissions and fuel consumption. The innovative diesel detergency chemistry of Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series has the proven capability to prevent the formation of deposits within the injector holes, or channels, completely preventing power loss in all engine platforms, including the latest technology diesel fuel injectors, such as those used in the CEC F-98-08 DW10 test. This mode of action is commonly known as `keep clean’, and Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series provides unmatched performance.

However, what can be done when fuel injectors are already heavily fouled? Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series deposit control additive also exhibits an unparalleled capability to completely remove already present deposits and completely restore lost engine power to `as new’ condition. This capability has been demonstrated in a sequence of tests carried out by Lubrizol experts in the DW10 engine test.

Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series - Biofuel Compatibility

 The potential for injector fouling occurring in modern high pressure fuel injection systems due to blending into mineral diesel fuel of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) is currently a widespread concern. This is unsurprising given that a large proportion of diesel fuel does now contain FAME and that there have been many reports of biodiesel induced injector fouling. Indeed levels of FAME blending in European EN 590 fuel have recently risen to a maximum of 7%. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure that deposit control additives can prevent injector fouling in the presence of `rogue’ batches of biodiesel.

To prove the capability of Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series deposit control additive to prevent injector fouling in the presence of problem biodiesel, DW10 testing has been carried out using FAME known to cause injector fouling and power loss in the test. A reference fuel blended with 10% of FAME resulted in nearly 8% power loss after 40 test cycles. Running the same pro-fouling fuel treated with Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series deposit control additive offered complete prevention of injector fouling and subsequent power loss.

Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series - Multi-Functional Flexibility

 The new Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series deposit control additives are available formulated into a range of high performance multifunctional products that impart all round improvements to diesel fuel quality. In addition to outstanding injector deposit control, Lubrizol’s new family of additives benefit other key fuel properties such as cetane number, water separation, foam control, and anti-corrosion. Each Lubrizol 9040 Zer0 Series multifunctional additive can be used over a range of fully supported flextreat levels to allow fuel marketers to adjust the additive treat to their desired performance level at maximum efficiency.