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ACEA 2016 Is Here!

Are You Ready?

The ACEA Sequences make up some of the lubricant industry’s most important performance standards. Their importance and influence continue to grow beyond Europe, and the ACEA 2016 update is an important step for the global lubricant industry. ACEA 2016 was published 1st December 2016 and marks the first update since 2012, a break from the specification’s typical biennial update schedule. This means a substantial increase in required performance from ACEA 2012 to ACEA 2016 and the industry must be prepared.

Lubrizol has been deeply engaged with the industry as ACEA continues to evolve, and is invested in developing the solutions OEMs, oil marketers and end users need. You can get everything you need to know at LubrizolAdditives360.com.

Passenger Cars


Find out more about the ACEA 2016 upgrade for passenger car engines.
Heavy Duty Engine Oils


Find out more about the ACEA 2016 upgrade for heavy-duty diesel engines.