Dual Clutch Transmission

Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid

Dual clutch transmissions (DCTs) are the fastest growing passenger car segment in the world, with a forecasted growth of 200% by 2017, especially in Europe, North America and China. There are two types of DCTs: wet and dry clutch. Unlike the dry variant, wet clutch DCTs are immersed in a lubricant.

A wet DCT fluid must provide wear and synchronizer friction performance similar to a manual transmission fluid, as well as frictional properties similar to an automatic transmission fluid. Because of these unique requirements, neither a traditional MTF or ATF will suffice; a dedicated wet DCT fluid is needed.

Additive Requirements

  DCFTs must provide:

 ✓ Anti-shudder friction durability

 ✓ Shear stability

 ✓ Low and high temperature viscosity properties

 ✓ Improved oxidation stability

 ✓ Seal protection

Experience With DCTs Since Inception

Lubrizol has been working continuously with OEMs to develop DCT fluids since these transmissions first entered the market.  We continue to build on this knowledge to formulate dual clutch transmission fluids providing exacting performance.