Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is the most complex of all lubricating fluids. Not only does it have to reduce friction to prevent wear like all lubricants, but it also has to allow a certain level of friction so clutch materials can engage. Since most OEMs use proprietary frictional materials, virtually every ATF is OEM-specific. In some cases, they're transmission-specific.

To improve fuel economy, transmission components are lighter, despite increased engine horsepower. And new fuel-efficient transmissions exhibit higher torque and higher operating temperatures. All these factors are stressing the ATF severely. Problems such as transmission shudder, poor shift feel and accelerated wear are becoming more common as drain intervals are increased.

Additive Requirements

ATFs must provide:

  ✓ Fill-for-life capability

  ✓ Improved fuel economy

  ✓ Anti-shudder friction durability

  ✓ Shear stability

  ✓ Low-temperature fluidity

  ✓ Improved oxidation stability

The Only Additive Company Covering All On- and Off-Road Applications

Lubrizol is the only additive company that covers all on- and off-road applications worldwide. With our unparalleled depth of knowledge and global technical facilities, we continue to introduce innovative ATF technologies that reduce shudder, improve shift feel and increase fluid and transmission durability despite severe operating conditions. We work closely with OEMs to develop enhanced fluids.