Heavy Duty Powershift Transmission Fluid

A key development in the field of off-highway equipment in the last 25 years has been the powershift transmission. For some equipment, such as backhoe loaders, power shifting makes it possible to shift gear even during the process of pushing tons of earth, something that in the days of manual transmissions would have been impossible.

The development of dedicated driveline fluids has brought huge benefits in terms of increased performance and massively increased protection. Correct fluid and adherence to proper lubrication regimes is important not only to achieve higher productivity but also to reduce cost of repairs and downtime.

Additive Requirements

Powershift transmission fluids must provide:

  ✓ Frictional stability

  ✓ Anti-wear

  ✓ Elastomer compatibility

  ✓ Low-temperature fluidity

  ✓ Oxidation stability

  ✓ Sludge control

  ✓ Rust and corrosion protection

  ✓ Foam protection

  ✓ Thermal stability

  ✓ Hydraulic pump performance

  ✓ Sustained film thickness

  ✓ Shear stability 


Lubrizol Solutions Helping Today's Machines Work Harder

Lubrizol's off-highway additive technologies deliver superior powershift performance, smoother brake operation for operator comfort and reduced wear on gears and final drives.  Lubrizol solutions are helping today's machines work harder and longer than ever before, all while operating at peak performance.