Final Drive and Axle Oil

Final Drive and Axle Oil

Final Drive and Axle Oils (FDAO) are specifically formulated lubricants that provide increased gear and bearing protection under extreme loads. This technology also enables extended oil drain intervals. Creating fluids that address these needs is especially important since there is pressure on OEMs as well as operators to increase productivity, resulting in greater load on differentials and final drives. 

Using the correct fluid and adherence to proper lubrication regimes is important not only to achieve higher productivity but also to reduce cost of repairs and downtime. This has high significance, as all modern construction machinery represents a big investment and though the cost of repair is high, the cost of downtime is potentially even higher. Maximum efficiency is vital to operators, since contractual agreements increasingly involve punitive measures or fines for late delivery of projects.

Additive Requirements

Final drive and axle oil must provide:                            

  ✓ Thermal stability

  ✓ Oxidation stability

  ✓ Foam protection

  ✓ Continuous anti-wear protection

  ✓ Sustained film thickness

Only Approved Additive for FDAO

Lubrizol has the only additive technology which has been approved and tested by Caterpillar to meet the performance requirements of the CAT FD-1 specification for Final Drive and Axle Oil.