Custom Solutions

What Are Our Services

Lubrizol Custom Solutions provides finished fluids to specific requirements in order to help our customers sustain a competitive advantage in their markets through selective outsourcing:

  • Enabling development of niche products requiring complex ingredients and processes
  • Facilitating differentiation across a full spectrum of global specification requirements
  • Enabling on-going support of mature, but still active, product lines
  • Shortening the time to market product cycle for innovative new technologies
  • Ensuring production continuity when capacity is overextended or inventory constrained

For over 80 years, Lubrizol has been supporting customers every step of the way by providing a full spectrum of specialty chemical technologies and services. In the areas of driveline fluids, industrial fluids, engine oils, and fuel additives, we have earned the trust of customers worldwide by:

  • Stimulating new opportunities
  • Enabling product differentiation
  • Creating value

Customized To Your Specifications

With Custom Solutions as your partner, we offer customers finished fluids customized to their specifications in a wide range of categories, including but not limited to:

  • Engine oils - heavy duty diesel oils, passenger car oils, marine oils, motorcycle oils, recreational vehicle oils, power tool oils and stationary engine oils
  • Driveline lubricants - gear oils, manual transmission fluids, automatic transmission fluids, farm tractor transmission/hydraulic fluids, off-highway transmissions and final drive gear oils
  • Industrial fluids - hydraulic fluids, industrial gear oils, greases and metalworking fluids

Our Core Competencies

Lubrizol’s core competencies encompass everything our customers need to augment their existing blending or manufacturing capabilities on an interim or long-term basis, including the abilities to:

  • Ensure conformance with worldwide specification requirements
  • Deliver manufacturing consistency
  • Integrate a global infrastructure for worldwide manufacturing and distribution
  • Commit to environmentally Responsible Care®

Custom Solutions provides confidential technical support from an industry leader with an in-depth understanding of the chemistries, technologies, processes, specifications, and global economic considerations that are critical to successful finished fluid manufacturing and distribution. For more information on how Custom Solutions can help your customers complete the picture, contact your sales account manager.