Gasoline Fuel Additives

Expect Real Performance

More than ever, today’s vehicle owners understand the value of performance aftermarket fuel additives. Emissions regulations drive continuous advancements in equipment technologies while, at the same time, gasoline seems to undergo its own changes just to keep up. Higher performance gasoline is more important than ever, especially as ethanol usage continues to rise. But given the often unknown quality of many gasolines on the market today, consumers and operators are increasingly aware of the need for quality aftermarket fuel additives.

Improved fuel economy, more engine power, better equipment protection – these are all on the list of demands consumers want most. They look to additive packages to deliver. People need real, proven performance – from brands they trust.

At Lubrizol, we help put the muscle behind those brands. Our PowerZol products enable your gasoline additives to perform as intended, allowing you to reach your marketing and product positioning objectives. PowerZol’s broad range of deposit control technologies, friction modifiers, corrosion inhibitors, and fuel stabilizers can differentiate your products and help sustain or build your branding initiatives.

PowerZol is the performance you need - with leading technologies that help your products clean fuel injectors, valves, and combustion chambers to like new conditions. They can restore lost fuel economy or improve fuel economy even beyond what OEMs expect. They protect and provide consumers peace of mind. They’re proven to be compatible with ethanol blends. Best of all – they perform. They allow you to bring true quality aftermarket gasoline additive products to market – meeting consumer needs – and advancing your product lines.

With products from one-tank maximum performance to ongoing maintenance solutions, PowerZol has you covered. Whether your products are for new model, classic, high-mileage, SUV, truck, motorcycle or other hard-working vehicles, count on PowerZol to provide maximum benefits for your products – proven with exhaustive test data to perform.