Engine Oil Treatments

Expect Engine Oil Treatments That Deliver Competitive Advantage

Today’s engines are vastly different from those just a decade ago. And while lubricant marketers work hard to develop the best performing engine oils for the latest engine technologies, many additional benefits are possible with valuable aftermarket engine oil treatments.

PowerZol’s highly-engineered additives include detergents, dispersents, anti-wear agents, anti-oxidants, friction modifiers, and more. We help our customers develop additive packages that complement today’s engine lubricants and take them to the next level to provide even greater fuel economy, power, emissions, and corrosion and wear protection benefits.

Whether you’re marketing products for engines that run on gasoline, diesel, or biofuels, there’s a PowerZol product to meet your needs. Support these products with outstanding industry knowledge and vision and unmatched customer services, and you’ve got one valuable business partner. Let’s work together to grow your business.