Diesel Fuel Additives

Expect Real Performance

Diesel vehicle technology has changed dramatically in recent years, primarily the result of various directives and mandates to reduce exhaust emissions and from an increasing consumer demand for more fuel efficient vehicles. At the same time, consumers also desire higher levels of engine performance, which has also contributed to dramatic engineering changes seen over the last decade. These forces have resulted in a total shift in light and heavy duty diesel engine technology from engines fitted with low pressure rotary fuel injection pumps to the newer direct injection, common rail systems.

The advent of advanced diesel engine components, operating in significantly harsher environments of higher temperatures and pressures, brings many new fuel challenges, which opens the door for real additive solutions. For instance, smaller, more intricate injector designs are more sensitive to fuel deposits, so there is more opportunity than ever to differentiate effective diesel fuel system cleaners.

Today’s lower sulfur fuels still generates much concern for injector and pump wear, and lubricity additives are easing the minds of many consumers who demand better equipment protection.

The increasing use of biodiesel blends brings no shortage of its own challenges. The need for effective cold flow additives, corrosion inhibitors, and fuel stabilizers has never been greater.

Luckily, the PowerZol family of aftermarket performance chemicals from Lubrizol helps you bring real additive solutions to market. Whether your goals are to formulate an additive package that completely eliminates internal diesel injector deposits (IDID), optimizes cold weather performance, provides maximum diesel engine protection, or a multifunctional combination of many benefits, PowerZol can help you get there. 

For both DIFM and DIY consumers, PowerZol is the performance your additive products  need – with leading technologies and proven performance. With extensive testing data, PowerZol helps you protect equipment and offer consumers peace of mind. 

With products from one-tank maximum performance to ongoing maintenance solutions, PowerZol has you covered.  Whether your products are designed for passenger car, heavy duty, off-highway, or recreational diesel vehicles, count on PowerZol to provide maximum benefits to your additive products.