About LifeSciences

Lubrizol LifeSciences is a total solutions provider for medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers by offering customer support from idea to execution through innovative materials, ingredients, drug formulation development, and best-in-class contract manufacturing solutions. With this full service capability, it is our goal to become the #1 polymer-based drug delivery company in the industry.

LifeSciences, including Particle Sciences and Vesta, is positioned as the only healthcare product solution partner offering polymer customization, complex drug formulation and contract manufacturing solutions.

When customers partner with Lubrizol LifeSciences, they benefit from working with us at every stage in their development process. Our long history of polymer expertise in addition to our significant investments, the Lubrizol LifeSciences family is positioned to offer a smooth and streamlined approach to the development of the next generation of innovative medical and pharmaceutical solutions:

  • Polymers. Our robust polymer expertise allows us to create comprehensive, customized, and application-specific medical grade ingredients for countless customer innovations.
  • Formulation. We offer a comprehensive suite of services focused on the formulation and support of advanced drug delivery solutions. Our team can take an idea to the next level with complex formulations, including those for sterile and particulate drug products and drug eluting devices.
  • Manufacturing. Our broad capabilities currently include cGMP clinical manufacturing for the pharmaceutical industry, as well as silicone fabrication and tight tolerance thermoplastic extrusion for medical devices.