Mykon™ TAED and Warwick™ TAED Bleach Activators for Detergents and Biocides

The world’s leading TAED bleach activators for use in powder and tablet laundry and automatic dish-washing detergents are manufactured and supplied by Warwick Chemicals as Mykon™ TAED and Warwick™ TAED (tetraacetylethylenediamine). Warwick™ TAED grades are also used as biocides in many applications such as denture cleaning and the cold sterilization of medical instruments. The products are readily biodegradable and have extremely low levels of toxicity, which has led to TAED being registered on the EPA’s Safer Choice program.


  • Mykon TAED and Warwick™ TAED react with sources of hydrogen peroxide, such as sodium percarbonate, to produce peracetic acid when and where it is needed.
  • Stains such as tea, coffee, and fruit juices are removed at water temperatures as low as 15 °C. 
  • Maintains whiteness and destroys malodors while being kind to colors and textiles.
  • Warwick™ TAED grades are registered as biocides for laundry and hard surface cleaning both in the USA and Europe.