Noverite™ LD940 Polymer

Noverite™ LD940 Polymer is a aqueous modified carboxy-functional copolymer that can be added to liquid or powder detergents. It functions as a polymeric dispersant and anti-redeposition polymer. It improves secondary cleaning of dirt and soil from fabrics and prevents dirt and soil from redepositing. Thus it enables whiter whites and less dingy laundry. This polymer is highly efficient, providing benefits without occupying a lot of formulation space. Noverite™ LD940 Polymer functions best in low-to-medium levels of anionic-rich detergents.

Features and Benefits

  • Able to maintain cleaning efficacy
  • Compatibility with a wide range of surfactants for formulation flexibility
  • Disperses soil
  • Easy-to-use liquid form
  • Suitable for post-addition to formulated surfactant detergents
  • Suitable for use in clear and translucent systems


  • Fabric Care: Liquid Detergents, Powder Detergents, Unit Dose Detergents


  • Anti-Redeposition