Chemphos™ TC-310 surfactant

Chemphos™ TC-310 phosphate ester having excellent wetting, emulsifying and dispersing properties. Chemphos™ TC-310 phosphate ester may be neutralized readily with amines or alkalis to form salts with excellent detergent properties and low foam characteristics.Widely used in heavy-duty cleaners, all purpose cleaners, hard-surface detergents and low foaming, rust-retarding, metal cleaners, Chemphos™ TC-310 phosphate ester acts as an emulsifier for mineral oil, crude oil, and pesticide formulations and extends life of wax and resin floor finishes. It also has outstanding surface tension reduction properties and is resistant to heat and alkali.

Features and Benefits

  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Emulsifying co-surfactant intermediate for foaming agents
  • Wetting properties


  • Home Care Other: Pesticides and Agricultural
  • Surface Care: Cleansers, Floor Cleaners and Waxes, Multipurpose, Polishes


  • Surface Modification
  • Wetting

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