Carbopol® 674 polymer

Carbopol® 674 polymer is a lightly crosslinked polyacrylic acid polymer powder. This polymer provides suspension at low product viscosity and improves freeze-thaw and high temperature stability. It performs well in challenging formulation environments at low and high pH. It is recommended for use in all purpose cleaners, surface cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners, drain openers, and fabric pretreatment systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent freeze-thaw and high temperature stability at low concentrations in oil-in-water emulsions
  • Excellent stability in oxidizing systems such as those containing chlorine bleach or peroxides
  • Imparts instant thickening upon neutralization to form high clarity gels
  • Offers stability in high electrolyte systems
  • Provides shear-thinning rheology to enable easy pumping and dispensing of finished products via trigger sprayers
  • Provides yield value to allow for the suspension of a wide variety of insoluble materials or particles
  • Yield value enables finished products to have vertical cling which is important for products that are dispensed via a trigger spray or nozzle


  • Surface Care: Scouring Creams


  • Suspension