Engineered Polymers

TPU and Beyond

What does it take to make your products more amazing?

At Lubrizol, that's the question we ask ourselves every day. Whether you're manufacturing wire and cable that powers a deep sea oil rig… designing footwear for long distance runners…or making handheld electronics that get used and abused, every detail that goes into your products must have the strength to support your vision and your customers' demands. And Lubrizol offers the most innovative engineered polymer solutions on the market, each delivering the inherit qualities you need to make your products more amazing. Look around and chances are you'll spot one of our engineered polymers in action - making athletic apparel more breathable, wire more flexible or protecting sensitive electronics.

Innovation that leads to unique product attributes

As the inventor of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Lubrizol is more than just a supplier of engineered polymer solutions; we're also an innovator in the industry. From our Bio TPU™ by Lubrizol bio-based* resins to our BounCell-X™ Microcellular TPU Foam, to our extensive aliphatic TPU portflio, which offers high-performance aesthetics and UV resistance for wide-range of applications, the solutions we offer lead the way in terms of end-use benefits, versatility and adaptability. Working together, our goal is to provide you with a single, convenient and reliable source for your toughest application challenges.

Advanced Solutions

Lubrizol offers one of the broadest product portfolios of engineered polymers available today.

Merquinsa, A Lubrizol Company

The Lubrizol Corporation acquired Merquinsa, an industry leader in specialty thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs), in November of 2011. The acquisition supports Lubrizol's continuing objective to broaden its existing product portfolio, increase global reach and strengthen manufacturing capabilities through complementary acquisitions.

Merquinsa, a Lubrizol company, serves the most technically demanding segments of the specialty polymer market such as pneumatic tubing, film and sheet, and hydraulic seals, among others. Their products provide innovative solutions for injection molding, extrusion, melt coating, compounding and adhesive applications

* Bio-based content as certified in accordance with ASTM D-6866