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Film and Sheet Solutions - PPF

Armour Against the Elements

Lubrizol thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) provides armour for automobiles to protect against ultraviolet rays, rain, debris and cold temperatures - basically, anything that wants to destroy the aesthetic value of a vehicle.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) for automobiles is just one of many examples where Lubrizol's innovative materials are designed to protect surfaces from the toughest environments.

Other Applications

  • Airplanes, RVs, motorcycles, and mobile devices
  • Various military applications

Outstanding Benefits

  • High quality and consistency for control during manufacturing processes

  • Crystal clear - invisibility on any surface

  • Protecting surfaces from damage by impact and abrasion

  • Self-healing properties maintain aesthetic quality

  • Resistant to the effects of environmental exposure

  • Low-temperature flexibility for wide range of installation conditions

  • Plasticizer-free – won’t embrittle over time

Lubrizol Product Solutions for Paint Protection Film

For more information on PPF, please contact a certified PPF installer in your area. They can educate you on specific sections of your vehicle that would benefit most from Paint Protection Film and install it to the precise specifications of your vehicle.

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