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Armour Against the Elements

Lubrizol thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is an excellent choice for demanding graphics applications including vehicle wraps, outdoor signage, and durable labels.

TPU can be easily printed using many existing inks and processes. Great resistance to the elements make it an easy choice – road salt, flying stones, acid rain, UV, and extreme hot and cold.

Outstanding Benefits

  • High quality and consistency for control during manufacturing processes
  • Protecting surfaces from damage by impact and abrasion
  • Compatible with adhesives, inks, and coatings
  • Self-healing properties maintain aesthetic quality
  • Resistant to the effects of environmental exposure – color stability when exposed to UV
  • Low-temperature flexibility for wider range of installation conditions
  • Plasticizer-free – won’t embrittle over time (maintains >95% elongation after 2000hrs Xenon weathering. PVC maintains <5% elongation at same exposure)

Lubrizol Product Solutions for Graphics, Labels and Signage

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