Forerunner 3D Testing ESTANE 3D TPU M95A

A Cutting-Edge TPU Powder is a Game-Changer for Forerunner 3D Printing

Posted by Lubrizol 3DP Team | 09/18/2020

Forerunner sought a durable 3D printing material as an alternative to expensive poured cast urethane that wouldn't scratch painted or highly polished metal parts. Read More

Categories: Multi Jet Fusion
ESTANE® TPU for Fused Filament Fabrication courtesy of colorFabb

Revolutionary filament makes 3D printing of foams a reality

Posted by Lubrizol 3DP Team | 07/30/2020

Touching an item created by a 3D printer with varioShore TPU is unlike anything customers are accustomed to holding that was produced by a 3D printer. Learn how colorFabb developed the world’s first commercially available 3D printing foam filament. Read More

Categories: Fused Filament Fabrication
ESTANE® 3D TPU for 3D Printing

Lubrizol and 3D Printing

Posted by Lubrizol 3DP Team | 07/01/2020

We have the knowledge and resources to assist customers through every step of the 3D printing process, including 3D printing settings, post-processing and application testing. Read More

Categories: Fused Filament Fabrication, Multi Jet Fusion

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