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Paint Protection Film - Made with ESTANE® TPU

With more than 30 years’ proven experience in Paint Protection Film (PPF) products, our ESTANE® TPU has earned its credibility and reputation as the PPF industry’s preferred thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) polymer technology.

The ESTANE® TPU Advantage

When you choose our ESTANE® TPU you get more than just an ingredient. You get access to decades of material science and analytical expertise as an invaluable extension of your team. We are here to be your collaborative partner and ensure your success.

Our "Made with ESTANE® TPU" Assurance

To assure you receive consistent, reliable performance and ultimately peace of mind for your PPF applications, we have created a licensed partner network of film producers around the globe. Our licensed partners feature our ESTANE® TPU on the packaging of films engineered with our ESTANE® TPU so you know you are getting demonstrated, high quality material.

Simply look for films that carry the "Made with ESTANE® TPU" logo or request ESTANE® TPU from your film producing partners. 

Maintaining the Beauty of a Vehicle's Finish.
On the surface, a hard grade of ESTANE® TPU provides stain resistance and self-healing properties, while the soft grade beneath absorbs impact from stones and road debris.

Demonstrated Performance

ESTANE® TPU is the highest, most consistently performing TPU after 9 years of equivalent weathering exposure.*

Loss of Tear Strength
Loss of Tear Strength
(ASTM D470)
Change in Haze Chart
Change in Haze
(ASTM D1003)
Change in Yellowness Index Chart
Change in Yellowness Index
(ASTM D1925)

*UV exposure through Eye Super UV