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Electro-Rite® eSolutions - Everything right for advancing electronics.

Our broad material science expertise and tailored solutions enable everything right for advancing electronics, ultimately helping lead to smarter, healthier, more comfortable lives.

Choosing Electro-Rite® eSolutions Ensures 

  • The right decisions are made in product design and development, supported by our robust consumer insights and commitment to sustainability.
  • The right materials are used to optimize compatibility essential to product performance, supported by our broad materials science expertise and portfolio of specialized formulations.
  • The right regionally tailored solutions and partners are integrated from our extensive global supply chain network.
  • And the right steps are taken to speed products to market, accelerated by our molecular-design-to-prototype-to application capabilities and our proactive innovation


  • Flexible displays, wearables, batteries

Mobile Device Accessories and Protection

  • ESTANE® SKN TPU is an anti-blooming, high transparency TPU that provides superior aesthetics, protection and design flexibility for mobile phones and molded parts for electronic devices. Ideal for mobile phone OEMs and polymer processors and molders.

Integrated Solutions 

  • In collaboration with our supply chain partners, we developed a Multi-Tech Commuter Jacket (MTC) that includes stretchable, flexible printed circuits with high performance ESTANE® TPU films and flexible ink additives. The project highlights the importance of systems thinking in the development of novel wearable electronics, combining design, material science, applications know-how, and value chain partners having the right mindset and capabilities, to quickly turn innovative ideas into prototypes and then commercial scale realities.


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