Position Statement on Sustainable Development

Fundamental to Lubrizol’s business is protecting our employees, our customers, the communities in which we operate and the environment1. It is part of our long-standing commitment to operate in an ethically and socially responsive manner while creating value for our stakeholders and society.

Our approach to sustainable development is built upon these principles and integral to the long-term growth of our enterprise. Globally, we strive to meet the current needs of our stakeholders by maximizing our environmental, societal and economic performance while minimizing any potential negative impacts on their future needs.


We will make day-to-day business decisions based on scientifically rigorous and intellectually honest information and data. For every product we create, we shall strive, over the life cycle of that product, to continuously improve our stewardship for the environment and to reduce:

1. the energy consumed;
2. the waste generated in all media;
3. the renewable and nonrenewable resources consumed; and
4. the persistent, bio-accumulative and toxic substances used and/or created.

We recognize that any action intended to further one of these outcomes often may adversely affect another of the outcomes. In the absence of universally accepted methodology for evaluating such trade-offs, we will make the best decisions we can using a life-cycle approach.

Environmental sustainability also depends upon being able to quantify the impact and distinguish among different courses of action. To that end, our measurement tools will build upon existing Responsible Care metrics, augmented by other metrics as needed to support our continuous improvement objectives.


SocietalOur commitment to societal performance is based upon extensive interaction between our facilities and the surrounding communities. We support and encourage open dialog with our neighbors, public health, safety and environmental professionals, educators, elected officials and other stakeholders to address concerns, report progress, create understanding and to build partnerships for the common good.

The community grants us the right to be there. As corporate citizens, we believe that giving back is the right thing to do. We seek to be a significant contributor to the social, cultural and environmental quality of life in the global communities in which we operate – through responsible operations, philanthropy and the proactive support of employee volunteerism.

We also depend upon a highly diverse, engaged and motivated workforce for their expertise, ideas and perspectives – to enhance relationships with our customers and the community, and in support of our business goals.


EconomicImproving environmental performance and focusing on sustainability are not only the right things to do, but they also present important commercial opportunities that are essential to our customers’ success and Lubrizol’s growth strategy.

Accordingly, we are focused on serving our customers’ sustainability and product environmental needs by providing products and services that reduce environmental impact and risk across the supply chain, reduce non-renewable energy consumption and improve overall raw material utilization.

Our businesses have product and process innovations and commercial initiatives underway that will provide sustainability solutions by helping our customers meet their needs and fulfill their commitments in their markets.

Lubrizol will continue to invest significant R&D efforts in these areas. And by inventing and producing products with reduced environmental impact or ones that improve the overall energy and raw material utilization in our operations, we also reduce Lubrizol’s manufacturing costs and future liabilities. By positioning Lubrizol as the partner of choice for our customers that have incorporated sustainability into their business strategies, and by expanding these practices across our internal processes, we positively impact the bottom line and return greater value to our stakeholders.


1The Lubrizol Corporation Health, Safety, Environmental & Security Policy, January 1, 2017