Our founders believed that we had a direct responsibility to give back - to make our communities better places for everyone to live and work. That philosophy still holds true. The Lubrizol Corporation remains committed to protecting not only employees and customers, but communities where we have a presence, and the environment as a whole. See what we're doing to help the earth achieve sustainability and humans maintain a sense of well-being.

Social Responsibility 

As a socially responsible organization, Lubrizol encourages employees to be active in community programs such as tutoring programs, volunteer days and charity fundraisers. Every Lubrizol facility around the world offers numerous volunteer opportunities. And we are proud that so many employees participate.

Environmental Responsibility  

Here, Lubrizol is making changes where we can do the most good - looking to improve our products, our packaging and our transportation. By conducting life cycle assessments (LCAs), we better understand how our products impact the environment - from raw materials through manufacturing, product use and disposal. And our people continue to discover new ways to conserve resources, reduce energy usage and accelerate overall environmental performance. 

Economic Responsibility 

Lubrizol provides our customers with additives and ingredients that enhance the quality of life for consumers everywhere. In our communities, we consistently support local, non-profit organizations. And, as with any responsible for-profit organization, Lubrizol strives to achieve record performance and deliver value to our owners by:

  • Delivering reliable growth
  • Developing innovative products and technologies that support customers' needs
  • Creating growth opportunities around the world to increase revenues