Wax Emulsions

Wax emulsions are often used to protect clear coated surfaces from damage due to abrasive forces or damage due to moisture exposure. Typically, wax emulsion additives are used in the coating or ink without impacting the appearance of the finish. Emulsified wax particles are usually less than 1 micron, which maintains high-gloss finishes.

Processes used to prepare and stabilize small particle size emulsions require the use of surfactants and rheology control agents in all formulations. Specific additives are chosen to compatibilize the emulsified wax in the finished coating or ink and can be adjusted from the acidic to the basic pH range.

Lubrizol continues to develop new wax additive innovations to ensure ease of incorporation, compatibility and performance without compromising secondary properties in coatings and inks. A history of innovation is built into each wax emulsion to deliver a variety of desired properties, from abrasion and block resistance to mar and rub resistance to release and slip control. Our wax emulsions also act as a lubricity additive to provide enhanced protection while maintaining high gloss and without impacting appearance.

Polyolefins such as polyethylene, oxidized polyethylene, Fischer-Tropsch, polypropylene, and paraffin are available in small particle size wax emulsions. Amides, carnauba wax and other natural occurring waxy materials are available in emulsified forms. Lubrizol excels at working with formulators to select the correct polymer with the appropriate stabilizing package to achieve the desired surface protection without impacting other properties, such as adhesion or appearance.

Typical Applications

Aquaslip™ Wax Emulsions and Liquilube™ Wax Emulsions from Lubrizol include a broad range of polymers designed specifically to protect coating and ink surfaces for diverse applications, including can and coil coatings, wood OEM coatings, UV paints and coatings, packaging coatings, and digital printing inks and coatings.

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