Powder Coating Additives

Powder coatings present unique challenges to the formulator that requires innovative wax additives to meet those requirements. Powder coating wax additives are used to improve the fluidization, antistatic properties and degassing during powder coating application and cure. They can also affect mechanical properties such as slip and impact resistance and aesthetic effects, including matting and texturing.

Lubrizol wax additives for powder coating applications are tailored specifically to protect the coating surface or control the aesthetics of the cured powder coating. Our wax additive technologies act as processing aids and enable highly filled systems to feed easily during the extrusion process. These same technologies also serve as a matting additive to produce matting effects or as texturing agent capable of producing powder coatings with a textured finish ranging from a very fine, wet look texture to a course sanded appearance. Wax additives for powder coatings based on polyolefin wax, polypropylene, polyamide and PTFE are commonly used to manipulate the appearance and protect cured powder coatings.

Lubrizol has developed a number of unique wax additives to protect a high-gloss powder coating surface from abrasion damage without impacting the gloss or inducing haze in the coating. Processing aids based on wax additives are available to enhance the powder feeding process during spray application, minimize static effects, such as ‘Faraday Cage’ effect, and enhance degassing properties over varying metal surfaces.

Typical Applications

PowderAdd™ Micronized Wax Additives are available from Lubrizol to enable powder processing, adjust aesthetic properties and protect the surface of powder coatings from damage due to abrasive forces across a variety of powder coating applications.

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