Micronized Waxes

Micronized waxes are designed to enhance and protect the appearance of multiple substrates with their formulation into water-borne, solvent-borne and energy cured coatings and inks. The ultimate aesthetic or protective properties of a micronized wax additive are dependent on factors such as polymer composition, type of coating or ink ranging (from aqueous-based to solvent-based and 100% solids), cure parameters, thickness of the protective layer, and overall particle size distribution of the micronized wax additive.

Lubrizol micronized wax additives are formulated to modify abrasion resistance, slip properties and overall durability of an ink or coating, as well as acting as a lubricity additive to provide enhanced protection while maintaining high glossOur micronized waxes are also designed to enhance the aesthetics of a cured coating or ink, including gloss, texture and feel.

Lubrizol's portfolio of Lanco™ Surface Modifiers includes a wide range of micronized wax additive technologies using polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide, and PTFE, combined with unique particle size reduction and classification technologies to meet specific performance and appearance requirements. Our technical experts have extensive experience working with formulators and end-use customers to adapt our micronized waxes to meet specific end-use requirements.

Typical Applications

The desired performance characteristics vary by market, such as UV or thermal cure OPV and printing inksand coil, powder, wood floor, protective and concrete floor coatings. Our quality control systems and technical expertise ensures that the protection and appearance properties are developed consistently with every lot supplied to our customers.

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