Application - Wax Dispersions

Wax Dispersion Technology

For nearly 40 years, Lubrizol has supplied wax dispersions for coating and ink applications, meeting high demands for performance and quality. Our vast and diverse product line includes Lanco™ Glidd, Lanco LiquiMatt™, Carbocure™, Liquitron™, Fluotron™ and Duotron™ wax dispersions. Our products help solve problems in many applications, including wood coatings, metal coatings, printing inks and overnight varnishes for graphic arts. By utilizing different manufacturing and milling technologies we supply wax dispersions in water or solvents to meet specific application needs.

Lubrizol's wax dispersions are used as additive tools to improve the performance of waterborne, solvent-based and UV-curable coatings by delivering matting for low gloss formulations, scratch and abrasion resistance, soft feel and slip control.Lubrizol's technical team utilizes polyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE, Fischer-Tropsch and microcrystalline wax to tailor wax dispersions with the right particle size to meet your performance targets.

With locations worldwide, our laboratories are fully equipped to support very specific needs. We simulate application and testing conditions for wood and metal coatings, as well as liquid ink applications. By combining our experience and lab capabilities we offer a variety of solutions to improve the performance of coatings and inks with wax dispersions.

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