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Solution Acrylic Technology

When it comes to solution acrylics, also referred to as solvent acrylics, Lubrizol is in a position to offer unique products, technology and years of experience. Our Doresco® solution acrylic technologies include thermoplastic and thermosetting polymer solutions with different chemistries and functionalities. Solution acrylic polymers with hydroxyl, amine, carboxyl functionality - or even some polymers without functionality - could be the solution to many graphic arts and coating challenges. Applications include hot stamp foils, vacuum metallization, road marking traffic paints, pigment dispersions and exterior automotive refinish. Hydroxy functional solution acrylic technologies can be cross-linked with isocyanate to yield high-performance 2K coatings for plastic, wood, metal and masonry substrates. 

• Innovative products for the specialty packaging market - The Doresco VMS Series of solution acrylics offers a wide selection of differentiated products, including ones for vacuum metallization with special focus on pre-metallization varnish and post metallization lacquers. This is valuable for label metallization, tobacco inner liners, gift-wrap and packaging papers.

• Pre-lacquers based on the Doresco VMS solution acrylics - Used to help achieve high gloss and excellent aluminum adhesion. When used as post-lacquers, Doresco VMS solution acrylics improve the gloss of the metallized paper, protecting the aluminum from oxidation while providing the desired COF performance. 

• Doresco OH and HS series solution acrylics - These products provide excellent gloss retention and abrasion resistance for 2K isocyanate cross-linked high-performance coatings for various plastic, wood, metal and masonry substrates. 

• Doresco thermosetting solution acrylics - These products provide excellent adhesion to galvanized iron and general metal substrates, providing an excellent range of products for the automotive OEM, automotive refinish and industrial maintenance markets

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