Application - Polyurethane Dispersions

Polyurethane Dispersion Technology

Water-borne aliphatic, aromatic, polyester and polyether urethane polymers are fully reacted, high molecular weight, colloidal dispersions that are available in a wide range of solids, hardness and gloss ranges. Sancure™ polymers are polyurethane dispersions (PUD) that can be cross-linked with conventional water-borne cross-linkers to enhance protection properties. The Turboset™ line of 1K polyurethane dispersions provides protection properties typical for cross-linked polymers without the use of external cross-linkers. All Sancure and Turboset polyurethane dispersion technologies are easy to handle, readily applied using all conventional techniques, and are compatible with acrylic emulsions.

Sancure and Turboset polyurethane dispersion technologies are used in both commercial and industrial applications in many market areas. Coatings for wood, masonry, roofing, direct-to-metal, automotive interior, breathable sportswear and graphic arts are just a few of the markets served. Lubrizol polyurethane dispersions consistently add value to our customers' products, helping to deliver a competitive edge for their markets.

Whether an application requires abrasion resistance, adhesion, water resistance, solvent resistance, rapid hardness development, flexibility, softness of hand, hydrolytic stability, durability, humidity resistance or any other specific performance property, we can provide innovative solutions to meet the most specialized requirements. Product capabilities are constantly analyzed to enhance polymer properties for specific applications, old and new.

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