Application - Chlorinated Polymers

Chlorinated Polymer Technology

Lubrizol's Vycar and Permax emulsions are aqueous anionic dispersions of vinyl chloride, vinylidene chloride and other monomers produced by emulsion polymerization. These emulsions are primarily designed for coatings for a wide variety of substrates and for applications such as the impregnation and saturation of fibrous materials like paper, nonwovens and textiles.

Vinyl chloride copolymer emulsions from Lubrizol have a thermoplastic nature and are frequently applied as high-loft nonwoven binders. They are also used as heat-sealable binders and coatings for such items as automotive door panels and seating. Their heat-reactive nature poses excellent adhesion to various substrates, including polypropylene. Applications where adhesion and stringent resistance properties are needed include polymers for wall covering and resilient flooring.

Vinylidene Chloride provides excellent barrier properties to oxygen and moisture vapor, enabling coating manufacturers to formulate corrosion inhibitive primers for metal surfaces. Lubrizol's Permax™ and Vycar™ products are a first choice when formulating to meet unique requirements for such applications.

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