Application - Rheology Control Additives

Rheology Control Additives

As a leader in rheology modification technology, Lubrizol offers a wide range of rheology control additives for improving the performance of many paints, coatings, inks and pigment concentrates. 

Solthix™ rheology control agents utilize associative thickening mechanisms to provide efficient sag control, improved leveling and pigment/particle suspension in both ambient and thermally cured applications. The Solthix™ A series contains water-borne alkali swellable thickeners that provide thixotropic (shear thinning) viscosity modification. Depending on the degree of hydrophobic modification, a range of yield values and shear response is achievable.

For non-aqueous applications, Solthix™ acrylic copolymer and Ircogel™ overbased sulfonate gel technologies are available. Solthix™ rheology control agents for solvent-borne paints and coatings improve sag control and anti-settling in pigmented applications. Ircogel™ additives are particularly effective for thermal sag prevention and anti-settling in aliphatic solvent- and plastisol-based coatings and inks.

For assistance in selecting the correct Solthix™ or Ircogel™ rheology control agent  or other performance additives for diverse applications and for formulation recommendations, please contact a Lubrizol representative.

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