Application - Water-Borne Dispersants

Water-Borne Dispersants

Lubrizol's hyperdispersant technology allows the production of highly loaded, highly stable and broadly compatible dispersions in almost any combination of solid particles and continuous phases (liquid or solid). This dispersant technology combines polymeric stabilizing chains selected for solubility in a given solvent and/or resin combination, with anchor groups optimized for strong adsorption to the particle surface, where the dosage is determined by the particle's surface area. This technology allows the production of sterically stabilized dispersions with higher solids content, lower viscosity, and improved viscosity and particle size stability compared to dispersions made using resins or lower molecular weight dispersants or surfactants.

In water-borne systems, in addition to the nature of the particle surface, the pH and presence or absence of a grind resin is critical to product selection.

In addition to Solsperse™ hyperdispersants for waterborne applications, Lubrizol also offers a range of polyacrylate and polycarboxylate copolymers and terpolymers. Carbosperse™ dispersants are used for high solids dispersion of inorganic pigments and particles across a broad pH range in various waterborne applications.

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