Application - Solvent-Borne Dispersants

Solvent-Borne Dispersants

Lubrizol's hyperdispersant technology allows the production of dispersions in almost any combination of solid particles and continuous phases (liquid or solid). This dispersant technology combines polymeric steric stabilizing chains selected for solubility in a given solvent and/or resin combination, with anchor groups optimized for strong adsorption to the particle surface, where the dosage is determined by the surface area of the particle. Hyperdispersant-stabilized dispersions have higher solids content, lower viscosity, and improved viscosity and particle size stability compared to dispersions made using resins or lower molecular weight dispersants.

Solsperse™ M series hyperdispersants are used for the production of solvent-based universal or multimedia tinters - colorants based on organic, inorganic or carbon black pigments with broad compatibility in a range of solvents and resins. These can be used for tinting or coloration of various base paints or coatings.

Solsperse™ V series hyperdispersants are designed for dispersion of high-performance organic pigments and high-surface-area carbon blacks in demanding coatings applications, such as automotive OEM and VR, marine and coil.

Solsperse™ J series hyperdispersants meet the specific demands of digital ink applications, where nano-scale dispersion is combined a high degree of particle size stability and filtration performance.

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