Application - Textile Coating Compounds

Textile Coating Compounds

Lubrizol's Myflam™, Performax™ and Permax™ lines of formulated coating products are used in a variety of textile coating applications, such as technical, transportation, performance apparel and home furnishing fabric. These products can be custom-formulated to impart single- or multi-functional properties needed to achieve the strictest performance standards, such as abrasion resistance or black-out and flame retardant window blinds.

As a market leader in the formulation of water-borne flame retardant coating products, Lubrizol has the expertise to develop differentiated, customer-specific products. Our formulations enable customers to enter new, higher value markets or obtain improvements in production efficiency. Our product quality and consistency provides the confidence to promote fabrics in dynamic markets, with functionality such as high MVTR or breathability that delivers a competitive edge. Our global R&D and application teams have developed an array of options, including products that are formaldehyde-, antimony- or halogen-free, meaning these ingredients are not intentionally added during the manufacturing process.

We can work together to tailor a solution that meets unique operational and product requirements such as: 

  • Fire Safety:  Myflam formulated solutions offer flame-retardant properties to help upholstery and furnishing fabrics meet a variety of stringent flame-retardance standards for textiles.
  • High Performance:  Performax and Permax ready-to-use products provide the desired feel and performance properties required for a variety of textile applications.
  • Environmentally Conscious Coating Solutions:  Our formulated water-borne products include an excellent choice of options that pose less risk to both the environment and people than similar solvent-borne technologies.

Myflam, Performax and Permax products can be custom formulated for whatever performance customers need. Let us help develop a formulated solution tailored to specific end use requirements.

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