Application - Ink Receptive Treatments

Ink Receptive Coating Technology

PrintRite™ ink receptive coating technologies are functional coating solutions designed to enhance digital printing on a variety of substrates, including film, textile and paper. PrintRite technologies allow customers to achieve superior print quality by controlling the ink droplet spread through fast ink carrier fluid absorption and retaining colorant at or near the surface of the substrate. This enables a sharper image with less ink usage and faster ink dry time. 

Consistency in print performance, durability and functionality makes the PrintRite ink receptive coating brand a preferred choice, whether customers need a ready-to-use coating or a polymer for further formulation. Coatings are available to suit various commercially-available ink chemistries, including solvent- or eco-solvent-based, water-borne, UV, latex or dry toner. They can also be custom-designed for specific needs. Customization includes viscosity modifications to enable line optimization as well as functional coating properties, such as gloss level, hand or feel, and flame retardancy. We are also happy to work with product safety and compliance requirements to develop formulated coating solutions capable of achieving the overall performance required in increasingly regulated and legislated global markets.

PrintRite ink receptive coating technologies allow for customer formulation of coatings that deliver the desired aesthetics, durability and quality. 
•Aesthetics - Enables outstanding vibrancy and crisp, clear, impactful digital printing. 
•Durability - Addresses indoor or outdoor performance needs enabling the final printed product to last longer.
•Quality - Designed with coating line optimization in mind for smooth operations that deliver the high quality, digitally printed products that consumers expect.

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