Sustainable Packaging

The packaging industry today faces a significant challenge to deliver the traditional benefits of packaging (product protection, freshness, customization, etc) in a way that also eases the burden on landfills, reduces the impact on climate change, and lessens the reliance on scarce resources.

Lubrizol ink and coating technologies combined with packaging knowledge are used to help formulators and their supply chains meet sustainability targets for packaging in several ways including:

  • Products to help reduce plastic use – advanced coating technologies that can enhance the barrier performance of paper substrates allow paper to be employed in packaging applications where once only plastic was used.
  • Products to support simpler recycling – repulpable barrier coatings can be used instead of a layer of plastic film on paper or board substrates enabling waste to be more easily recycled in standard paper recycling facilities.
  • Products enabling re-use of glass bottles – our lacquers for metallized papers are specially designed to allow labels to be quickly and cleanly removed from returnable bottles which can then simply be reused instead of being recycled or sent to landfills.
  • Renewable raw materials – new resin, additive and wax developments based on renewable raw materials allow an increase in the bio-based content of inks and packaging coatings
  • Reduction in Hazardous Materials – we are continually phasing out any materials of high concern from inks or coatings to reduce the impact that packaging may have on people or the environment.
  • Compostable Packaging materials – new developmental resin and additive technologies for coatings and inks which do not interfere with compostability are enabling broader end-of-use options for more package designs.

We are dedicated to understanding the needs of the full supply chain of the packaging industry.  More than just a supplier, we are a collaborator with extensive experience in surface protection, dispersion, adhesion, and barrier properties, which is well suited to bring durability, functionality, sustainability and aesthetic capabilities to advanced packaging. In addressing unique challenges, we work closely with customers and can tailor formulations to meet specific production and performance requirements.

Contact us to explore how we may help integrate sustainability capabilities into your next packaging challenge.

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