Diamond Dispersions™ Inkjet Ink Dispersions

Lubrizol's portfolio of Diamond Dispersions™ inkjet ink dispersions are formulated and manufactured using the latest technology to meet the demanding requirements of the inkjet ink market.

These water-based, disperse dye and pigmented dispersions are available worldwide and designed to deliver a variety of solutions across a number of digital print industries, including textiles and numerous packaging applications, printing on card, paper and film. Lubrizol supplies polymers and coatings into these areas and has a deep understanding of the regulatory and compliance needs as well as application performance requirements. The Diamond Dispersions product range continues to innovate and develop using world leading dispersant technologies developed and manufactured in-house. This is backed up by application laboratories that can formulate Diamond Dispersions products into inks that meet specific print performance requirements.

As a global leader with a range of water-based dispersions, Lubrizol collaborates with customers to develop digital ink solutions for challenging inkjet needs.

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