Permax™ 4324   Textile Coating

Urethane Based Cooling Coating for Performance Apparel

Permax™ 4324 is a high performance, hydrophilic compound that can provide a number of unique properties such as enhanced comfort, cooling, wicking, air-flow, wash-durability and cost-value performance vs. competing coatings. These performance characteristics are partially dependent on the base textile substrate being coated and the application technique. This ready-to-use, water-borne, urethane based compound forms a soft, flexible film which has excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including cotton, polyester, nylon and blends. This material can be used on knit, woven, or non-woven substrates. Permax™ 4324 can be applied using traditional full-coverage techniques such as knife coating and Meyer rod applicators as well as printing patterns via rotary screen, placement screen, gravure roller, offset as well as digital and spray applications. Permax™ 4324 can be pigmented if desired to provide visual impact. Suggested drying temperatures are 250º F-300º F, and a curing temperature of 325º F-350º F for best wash durability.

Regional Availability: Asia Pacific North America

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