Doresco® VMS 7321

Doresco® VMS 7321 is a specially modified acrylic resin especially designed for HVM on paper. It is recommended as pre-metallization varnish (about 2 g/m2) and as post-metallization lacquer (around 1 g/m2). It has high gloss and good adhesion to vacuum metallised paper and oxidized aluminium. The system based in this resin shows excellent wash off times with offset inks in plain and embossed paper. It also possesses very good flexibility. Due to its unique functionality, the topcoat shows a good resistance to resolubility from solvent based gravure inks, avoiding the decrease on opacity on inks printed on top. The resin possesses excellent flexibility for cold embossing of gravure inks.


  • Adhesion
  • Flexible
  • Glossy
  • Ink Receptive


Printing and Packaging

  • Metallization Coatings



Product Documents

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