Doresco® ELS 7025 Solution Acrylic

Doresco® ELS 7025 is a thermoplastic acrylic copolymer with a high Tg that produces a film readily accepting vacuum metalization. Doresco® ELS 7025 is recommended as a topcoat in hot stamping foils due to the ease which this brittle product fractures, and its ability to be embossed. Durability, colour retention and other desirable film properties of acrylics are inherent in this polymer. The monomer composition used in this product were selected to create compatibility with nitrocellulose so that formulating and end product to achive tougher films with less surface mar becomes possible. Doresco ® ELS 7025 is a foil lacquer acrylic resin which performs well in the manufacture of holographic foils. It can provide the appropriate heat resistance while still being able to perform the necessary embossing functions at lower temperatures. This product stamps clearly, has good heat resistance, accepts vacuum metallization and is compatible with nitrocellulose, parlon and other film formers.


  • Durable
  • Film Clarity
  • Heat Resistance

Applications - Printing and Packaging

  • Metallization Coatings



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