Doresco® CS 7501 Solution Acrylic

Doresco® CS 7501 is a release modified acrylic copolymer lacquer which performs very well in the well in the manufacture of Cold Seal Packaging in combination with Synthetic Cold Seal Adhesives and Natural Rubber based Adhesives. It can provide excellent release in combination with Cold Seal Adhesives PET and is less affected than natural waxes while performing the necessary embossing functions at lower temperatures. Doresco® CS 7501 is a versatile lacquer based in ethyl acetate which gives an excellent base in formulating Cold Seal Release Coating which are Heptane free and thus giving the flexibility for customer and end users of making full use of solvent recovery systems..


  • Adhesion
  • Glossy
  • Release

Applications - Printing and Packaging

  • Release Lacquers



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Safety Data Sheet