Packaging Coatings

Packaging—and packaging coatings—are essential for delivering food and goods safely and effectively. In order to do that, the packaging needs to have various performance attributes, which packaging coatings help deliver. This is becoming increasingly important as packaging strives to become more sustainable, which means traditional packaging materials and formats are being challenged and the industry looks to find packaging that demonstrates greater circularity.

Lubrizol has extensive polymer design knowledge and experience to deliver bespoke solutions that address disparate customer needs. We have a deep understanding of our target applications and are able to replicate customer application testing in-house to deliver these bespoke solutions. We formulate our resins to deliver ready-to-use solutions, and manufacture and distribute coating resins globally to ensure supply security. With expert in-house product compliance knowledge, we are also able to offer a wide range of compliant products for food packaging.

Lubrizol metallization coatings enable the production of high-quality metallized labels. Our barrier coatings for paper and paperboard packaging enable the replacement of plastic packaging with paper-based alternatives. Because the barrier coatings are repulpable, the paper used in the packaging can be recycled and used again. Lubrizol hot stamp foil coatings improve aesthetics, allowing for greater design freedom and improved shelf appeal.

As the push for sustainability continues to grow, Lubrizol is committed to developing coatings that help reduce the end-of-life impact of packaging. The focus on sustainability includes helping to reduce the amount of plastic in packaging, making packaging easier to recycle and incorporating more bio-based and bio-degradable materials in our products.


Lubrizol technologies commonly used in packaging coating applications include resins & binders.

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