Packaging Adhesives

Packaging adhesives have to stand up to the demands of the finished product, whether it’s in areas like flexible packaging with heat/cold seal and dry/wet lamination, or pressure sensitive applications like film, labels and tape. The right adhesive delivers the internal strength that’s appropriate for each specific application

Lubrizol works closely with customers, whether adhesives formulators or converters, to help define their packaging adhesive needs. We speak the same language to understand the performance characteristics required and then translate that into chemistry. Lubrizol is dedicated to resolving technical challenges in specialized packaging additives that are used in technical applications. We have extensive laboratory capabilities and the technical experts to meet a variety of customer needs.

By maintaining a specialized focus on specific areas, we work with customers to develop innovative new technologies as opportunities arise. For example, we most recently developed a new technology that imparts water resistance in pressure sensitive film so it can be used outside without the additive whitening over time if exposed to water.

Lubrizol flexible packaging additives are used in a range of dry/wet applications, such as paper to foil, film to film, film to foil, lidding and more, as well as for cold seal packaging food applications and heat seal lacquers for film-to-film sealing.

Lubrizol water-based pressure sensitive additives are used in permanent, semi-permanent and removable applications. These applications include functional and security labels. Other PSA applications include specialty tape for indoor/outdoor automotive, construction, hygiene and more; protective films for temporary and permanent protection for cars, electronics, finished surfaces, carpets, etc.; and, graphic films with both water and solvent technologies for such areas as decor, vehicle graphics, advertising, buildings and signage.


Lubrizol technologies commonly used in packaging adhesive applications include resins & binders.

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