Looking to achieve enhanced performance, productivity, and sustainability benefits for your paints and coatings? If so, stop by and visit Lubrizol's exhibit at ACS 2022. Since we last saw you at ACS 2018, we've not stopped innovating, and we're excited to introduce some new, exciting materials. Ask us about our latest resin, dispersant, wax, and specialty additive products, ready to help you unlock new opportunities.

Technical Presentations

Lubrizol will deliver a technical presentation at the American Coatings Conference exploring breakthrough dispersing agent technologies for coatings.

Novel Dispersing Agents for High-Performance Water-Borne Coatings

Wednesday, April 6th, 11:30am-12:00 pm

Presenter: Cathy Cooper

Product Presentations

Experts will present four 'spotlight presentations' on the show floor to introduce new products poised to make a difference in the Paints & Coatings market.

Aptalon™ 8080 HS - High Solids Polyamide Polyurethane

Tuesday, April 5

2:00 - 2:15 pm

Presenter: Kent Maghacut

Solsperse™ W430 Hyperdispersant Technology

Wednesday, April 6

11:20 - 11:35 am

Presenter: Jeff Norris

PTFE-Free Surface Modifiers for Can & Coil Coatings

Thursday, April 7

11:20 - 11:35 am

Presenter: Bill Ruth

Technology Innovations

Lubrizol will showcase several product innovations that can bring differentiated performance to your brands. Come ask about these exciting new coating technologies that can help you formulate differentiable performance in your next coatings project.

Aptalon™ Polyamide Polyurethanes

From Lubrizol's portfolio of Aptalon™ Polyamide Polyurethanes comes a high solids product that enables 3-coat performance in only 2 coats. Ask our experts how this newest Aptalon product can enhance the performance of your brands.

Carboset® Acrylic Emulsions

The Carboset® Acylic Emulsions brand now includes a product capable of providing outstanding protection for wood in low VOC, APEO-free exterior coating applications. Ask our team for more details on this new technology.

Lanco™ Glidd Waxes

Lubrizol's brand of Lanco™ Surface Modifiers now includes a line of PTFE-free Lanco™ Glidd wax technologies that deliver outstanding performance for can and coil coatings. Ask Lubrizol experts in our booth about integrating these PTFE-free waxes into your formulations.
Commerical Washing Machines

PowderAdd™ Micronized Waxes

PowderAdd™ Micronized Waxes from Lubrizol are now available for REACh-compliant PFOA powder coating formulations. Discuss with Lubrizol experts in our booth about the amazing texturing and matting effects you can realize for your brands.

Solsperse™ Hyperdispersants

Lubrizol's family of Solsperse™ Hyperdispersants now includes new products for water and UV-curable coating applications. Ask about our options for inorganic and organic pigments.

Solthix™ Rheology Modifiers

Lubrizol's portfolio of Solthix™ Rheology Modifiers are alkali-swellable for superior viscosity control at low doses. Ask our booth staff about these new and easy-to-disperse products for faster incorporation.

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