Pigment Dispersants

Solsperse™ pigment dispersants provide coating formulators high color strength, efficient color development, high pigment loadings, improved manufacturing efficiencies, formulation flexibility and low VOCs when needed. Lubrizol has both aqueous dispersants and solvent based dispersants for your application needs. 

For recommendations on dispersant products for your application or to look up specific Solsperse product information, use our Solsperse Product Finder.

Solsperse Sample kits are now available!

Solsperse Product Selector Wheel

See the above product chart for pigment dispersants for various media. The product chart helps formulators determine the most appropriate Solsperse product for aqueous dispersants or solvent based dispersants. Recommendations are based on the chosen solvent system and general pigment type.

Solsperse pigment dispersants are a simply brilliant decision to provide optimum flexibility and performance for your applications.

Contact Us to order samples of our aqueous dispersants or solvent based dispersants.

Solsperse Sample KitsSolsperse sample kits are now available! The kit holds six dispersant samples, and the product selection is customizable based on your application needs. To get a kit, please contact your Lubrizol account representative. If you need to reorder samples for an existing rack, request a sample.