Water-Borne Acrylic Resins

Hycar® water-borne acrylic resins are designed to enhance coatings properties for a wide range of applications including building materials, paper, textiles and synthetics. These polymer emulsions can provide flexibility, rigidity, durability, hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity, chemical resistance, and other properties depending upon the applications needs for diverse markets.

Hycar acrylic resins are essential for functional paper applications, including non-wovens, filtration media, abrasives, and decorative papers. These high performance polymer emulsions deliver multi-functional performance including water/oil resistance, humidity resistance, toughness, and environmental and food contact compliance.

For performance textiles, Hycar resins are the foundation of many custom formulated solutions requiring a balance of physical, chemical and processing characteristics. Used in virtually every textile substrate type (knits, wovens, non-wovens) and in all textile-consuming industries (apparel, upholstery, household furnishings, transportation, protective, technical and other), Hycar® polymer-based solutions can meet many textile coating challenges.

For composites, Hycar acrylic resins provide the strength and durability required in the challenging building materials market. Hycar resins provide everything from dimensional stability, tensile strength, chemical resistance, and property stability over the lifetime of durable goods for the construction market. Whether the application is fiberglass matt, continuous roving scrims, or other non-woven building product, Hycar emulsions can provide the necessary properties.

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