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Amanda Freshwater

Technology Manager

Lubrizol’s open, friendly environment makes it easy to talk with more experienced employees and the knowledge I gain from these individuals will help me for the rest of my career.

Jarrell Gibson

Account Manager

As a scientist with an advanced degree in chemistry, I found that Lubrizol welcomed my technical acumen as well as my desire to be in a customer-facing sales role.

Michael Washington

Commercial Manager

At Lubrizol, I can impact the business today, while continuing to grow and learn. I believe those opportunities are key to growing your career.

Sarah Kipp

Product Manager

After a short time, I knew that Lubrizol was the right place for me, and my experiences and opportunities over the years have only reassured me.

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Product Lines


Aftermarket Performance Chemicals

 Innovative additive chemistries bringing proven value to additive bottlers and marketers
Driveline Additives

Driveline Additives

Additives for gear oils, transmission fluids and off-highway fluids, covering all on and off road applications
Engine Oil Additives

Engine Oil Additives

Comprehensively designed to protect all types of engines in a variety of operating environments
Fuels Additives

Fuel Additives

Advanced, quality fuel additive chemistries bringing proven value to fuel marketers
Industrial Lubricant Additives

Industrial Lubricant Additives

The best in hydraulic, industrial gear, grease and metalworking additives, backed by extensive testing to optimize results
Viscosity Modifiers

Viscosity Modifiers

Not just thickeners, but polymer technologies that bring real performance improvement to tomorrow’s most advanced lubricants