FlowGuard™ Plus CPVC Pipe and Fittings

FlowGuard™ Plus pipe and fittings are made from a specialty plastic known chemically as chlorinated polyvinylchloride (CPVC), which offers increased product toughness all year round. FlowGuard Plus provides superior quality and is easy to install and maintenance-free.

Among the advanced features that FlowGuard Plus delivers are a 25% higher pressure rating – 8.79 kg/cm2 @ 82° C (SDR 11 pipe) – the highest of any CPVC pipe available. Also available in SDR 13.5 dimensions, FlowGuard Plus pipe and fittings utilize FlowGuard Plus solvent cement for jointing cemented joints, proven with more than 50 years of successful CPVC service history. A globally trusted brand, FlowGuard Plus CPVC is produced to meet regional and global approvals, such as NSF (safe drinking water).

Lubrizol produces and sells CPVC compounds to licensed manufacturers of FlowGuard Plus pipe and fittings.

FlowGuard Plus CPVC Benefits  

Main benefits of a FlowGuard Plus CPVC plumbing pipe and fittings system:

  • 25% higher pressure rating at 82° C
  • NSF-certified raw material, meeting the stringent Standard 61 drinking water component safety requirements
  • Widest range of pipe and fittings – up to 12 inches/300 mm (depending on manufacturer)
  • Keeps potable water pure and safe
  • Backed by Lubrizol’s worldwide quality assurance program from labs in the USA and Europe
  • Highest number of projects completed for hot and cold potable water distribution
  • Supported by a team of global field specialists 

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