FlowGuard Gold® Pipe & Fittings

This high-performance plumbing pipe and fittings system is the most widely used CPVC plumbing system in North America. Made by the industry-leader in CPVC, with more than 50 years of experience FlowGuard Gold® pipe & fittings boast more than 50 years of field use. Over that time, billions of feet of plumbing pipe and fittings have been successfully installed globally in residential and commercial applications.

Performance Benefits

  • No piping corrosion
  • Greater resistance to impact fracture and high temperature deflection
  • Strong solvent cement welded joints
  • Lower condensation
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Lower labor costs
  • Hot and cold water compatibility

Advantages Over Competitive Systems

Versus Copper Versus Polyethylene (PE-X) Versus Polypropylene Random (PP-R)
  • No leaching of hazardous metals
  • Light weight (six times less the weight)
  • Maintains flow rate
  • Lower material costs
  • Quiet operation (four times quieter)
  • Superior chlorine resistance
  • Straight, professional appearance
  • Strong, rigid system ( three times the tensile strength)
  • No insert fitting – full flow system
  • Superior chlorine resistance
  • Thinner walls with same pressure bearing capability (less material required)
  • Greater UV resistance
  • No expensive tooling required


  • ½-in to 2-in Copper Tube Size (CTS) SDR 11 sizes

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