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With metallic piping systems, piping corrosion is an ongoing problem that can lead to process leaks, flow restrictions and, ultimately, premature failures.

But Corzan and Corzan HP industrial piping systems are made from a non-corrosive, durable chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) technology that makes them chemically inert to most mineral acids, bases and salts, as well as aliphatic hydrocarbons found in industrial applications, including mineral processing, chemical processing, water systems, wastewater treatment.

For both new systems and maintenance, Corzan industrial systems offer a tremendous value versus metallic and non-metallic options even at elevated temperatures at pressure up to 200° F (93° C). Additionally, over the long-term, Corzan CPVC technologies can result in a significantly lower total installed cost than most other piping alternatives due to stable material costs, a longer service life resulting from the product's natural chemical resistance, lower maintenance costs, reduced downtime and a fast and easy installation process requiring no electricity.

Corzan pipe is available through 24" diameter, and all Corzan industrial systems meet the 24448 cell class up to 8" diameter, as defined by ASTM D1784.
Corzan HP pipe and fittings builds on the tradition and dependability of Lubrizol CPVC, is available up to 8" diameter, and boasts a 25 percent higher pressure rating than standard CPVC at 180°F (82°C). It is also the only fully pressure-rated schedule 40/80 piping system on the market today.

With Corzan HP pipe, you get all the benefits of traditional Corzan piping, including third-party certification of the higher cell class of 24448. Corzan HP is available in select regions around the globe. So don't take chances with a piping system that's not up to the challenges of your application. Make the choice with confidence - specify Corzan HP pipe and fittings.

Corzan industrial systems for use in commercial plumbing applications is widely available from ¼" to 24" diameter.

Like other Corzan industrial piping applications, Corzan pipe and fittings used for plumbing systems:

  • Cost less to install due to superior solvent-weld methods, lightweight construction and stable raw material costs
  • Assemble easily and consistently, eliminating the need for torches or complicated heat-fusion techniques
  • Operate quietly and increases total system energy efficiency
  • Eliminate piping corrosion and deliver uncompromised water quality
  • Meet NSF standards 14 and 61 for use in potable water conditions
  • Conform to FBC™ System Compatible Program guidelines

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